What's New 2018

Kirn Plastic Surgery Staff Changes

We welcome Susan Daugherty, BA, BSN, RN, CWOCN, WCC, CPSN, as nurse and patient coordinator. Susan has significant plastic surgery nursing experience as well as training and experience in wound care. She brings a broad knowledge base in both surgical and non-surgical treatments. In addition she has a particular expertise and experience in peri-operative patient care and teaching.

We also welcome Debbie Slatten back to our practice. Debbie worked with Dr. Kirn for many years previously. She returned to our front office in early 2018. Debbie has extensive knowledge of all aspects of plastic surgery. Her level of customer service and devotion to patient's needs fit precisely with the philosophy of our practice.

Jason Sims, RNFA who has worked as Dr. Kirn's surgical assistant for the last 20 years has expanded his role and now has involvement in many of our in-office procedures.

The remainder of our office staff remains unchanged. Ashley Stalion continues as administrative assistant in the front office. Carey Sanders, RN continues to provide expert skill in injectable treatments such as Botox, Dysport, and injectable fillers. Dr. Shirley Ramsey, DNP, FNP-BC, CRNFA, continues as nurse practitioner with ever-expanding duties. She offers the full range of injectable treatments and has special interest in the deep tissue volumizer, Sculptra, as well as the fat dissolving injectable, Kybella. Shirley performs the bulk of the VersaPulse laser treatments. Holly Hadley continues as our medical assistant during Dr. Kirn's office days and for many office surgeries. Her kindness and care are appreciated by all of our patients.

Injectable filler updates

From the Galderma (Restylane & Dysport) line, two new products with a long successful track record in Europe have made their way to the United States. These include Defyne and Refyne. Both have the goal of increased flexibility to achieve a more natural look. Defyne is for deeper lines or folds and Refyne is for more superficial lines. Both products are highly versatile.

From the Allergan (Botox & Juvederm) line, we have Vollure and Volbella. Vollure is a highly versatile filler suitable for use in multiple facial areas. Volbella is specifically targeted for use in the lips. As with all injectable fillers, consultation with one of our injection nurses or Dr. Kirn is the best path to selecting the right product for your individual goal.

Laser Facial / Collagen Remodeling with VersaPulse

With over 20 years of experience with the VersaPulse laser, Kirn Plastic Surgery continues to expand applications for this useful and effective device. The acquisition of a Zimmer chiller which provides a continuous stream of super-cooled air makes performance of a "laser facial" with the VersaPulse a comfortable reality for patients. This treatment is intended for both skin rejuvenation and healthy skin maintenance. The treatment is designed to improve skin tone and texture and also is useful for acne. Typically a series of treatments is performed, with each treatment requiring roughly 15 minutes. Because of this, a package of 3 or 5 treatments is offered.

ARTISS for Facelift

Artiss is a fibrin sealant which we are now using at the completion of facelift and neck lift procedures to minimize bruising and downtime. Dr. Kirn started using this product in fall 2013, and it has allowed transformation of the facelift procedure since. Drains are no longer utilized and we keep the patient in a chin support only on the night of surgery. Recent data from the medical literature suggest that use of fibrin sealants such as Artiss decrease the risk of hematoma (blood collections) which is the most common complication of facelift surgery. Artiss is sprayed into the space between the skin and muscle prior to sewing up the incisions normally. It acts like a glue to seal off the area and thus minimize bruising. Incision closure is unchanged and is performed mostly with buried dissolving sutures as always. Artiss is FDA approved for use in facelifts and more info is available at: www.artissadherence.com/us/