Specials 2018

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Non-Surgical Specials

$100 off your first Botox or Dysport treatment or $75 off your first filler treatment with nurse-injectors, Carey Sanders, RN and Shirley Ramsey DNP, APRN. Minimum treatment of 50 units Dysport® or 25 units Botox®, 1cc syringe of filler apply.

Injectable Incentives Program

The Injectable Incentives Program remains popular with our nurse injectors, Carey Sanders RN and Shirley Ramsey DNP, APRN. The Program works like this: if you have a treatment of Botox®, Dysport®, or any of the dermal fillers and then have another treatment within 6 months you receive $100 off Botox® or Dysport® and $75 off any filler for the follow-up treatment. This is a continuing program with no planned expiration date. Both Carey and Shirley maintain regular office hours. Our patients always have the choice of who treats them, and the availability of injectable treatments five days a week provides even more convenience for you. Minimum treatment of 50 units Dysport® or 25 units Botox®, 1cc syringe of filler apply. We greatly appreciate our loyal patients and wish to reward them for their continued support of our practice!

New Patient Complimentary Skin Care Evaluation

All new patients scheduled for Kirn Plastic Surgery are invited to have a complimentary consultation with our affiliated practice Aesthetic Skin Care Center LLC. Located in our office, Aesthetic Skin Care Center, under the direction of Karen Sims, RN, provides full service skin care including facials, pharmaceutical grade products, a wide variety of peels, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, and micro-needling procedures. A full range of skincare and cosmetic lines including sunscreens are also offered. We believe healthier skin is an advantage for surgery. So, preoperative improvement in the skin is yet another way to enhance and maintain your surgical result. Learn more at: http://www.aestheticskincareky.com