What's New

Here's some of the new technology and offers from our practice:

Kybella® - Fat Dissolving

Kybella® is an FDA approved fat dissolving injection for use under the chin. The medication is injected into the fat under the chin. It breaks down the fat cells and the body removes the debris over the next several weeks. A minimum of two treatment sessions is usually required, but more may be necessary. Treatment sessions are performed about 6 weeks apart. The treatment may be performed with or without numbing medication. After treatment, patients can expect swelling and occasionally bruising. There is usually some minor discomfort for a few hours after treatment as well. Several weeks to months are required to see the final result.

Just like liposuction, when the fat cells have been destroyed or removed, they are gone permanently. However, as with liposuction, weight changes after treatment can have an impact on the contour of the area since not every fat cell in the treatment zone is removed or dissolved. Also, other factors can effect neck contour especially development of loose skin and muscle bands.

Neck contour is determined by several factors, specifically the amount and elasticity or "stretchiness" of the skin, the amount of fat, and the contour of the muscles. Kybella® only addresses the fat component and does not affect the skin or muscle. Therefore, an exam and discussion about the best options for you is important when selecting the best treatment. Other options to improve neck contour include liposuction as well as neck lift / face lift procedures.

We are pleased to offer this exciting new option to non-surgically improve contour of the neck.

Shirley Ramsey, DNP, APRN, CRNFA

Dr. Shirley Ramsey is a nurse practitioner who has worked with Dr. Kirn for many years in the operating room. She now joins our practice in the office on Fridays. Shirley is a skillful injector offering another option for Botox®, Dysport®, and the full range of dermal fillers such as Juvederm®, Restylane®, Perlane®, and Voluma® and Silk®. Her availability on Fridays provides additional scheduling flexibility for patients who are interested in these treatments. Shirley will also assist in laser treatments and office procedures. Both Dr. Kirn and Carey Sanders RN will continue their current schedules with injections unchanged. The goal of our practice is to provide quality and convenience to our patients for these popular treatments. Fees for treatments with Shirley will be identical to those with Carey. Also, the same Injectable Incentives loyalty program will apply to both Carey and Shirley. Our patients are always allowed to select which injector they want, Dr. Kirn, Carey, or Shirley.

New Patient Complimentary Skin Care Evaluation

All new patients scheduled for Dr. Kirn are invited to have a complimentary consultation with our affiliated practice Aesthetic Skin Care Center. Located in our office, Aesthetic Skin Care Center, under the direction of Karen Sims, RN, provides full service skin care including facials, pharmaceutical grade products, a wide variety of peels, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, and a full range of skincare and cosmetic lines including sunscreens. We believe healthier skin is an advantage for surgery. So, preoperative improvement in the skin is yet another way to enhance and maintain your surgical result. Learn more at: http://www.aestheticskincareky.com

Laser Facial / Collagen Remodeling with VersaPulse

With almost 20 years of experience with the VersaPulse laser, Kirn Plastic Surgery continues to expand applications for this useful and effective device. The recent acquisition of a Zimmer chiller which provides a continuous stream of super-cooled air makes performance of a "laser facial" with the VersaPulse a comfortable reality for patients. This treatment is intended for both skin rejuvenation and healthy skin maintenance. The treatment is designed to improve skin tone and texture and also is useful for acne. Typically a series of treatments is performed, with each treatment requiring roughly 15 minutes. Because of this, a package of 3 or 5 treatments is offered. A topical anesthetic is applied to the face 15-30 minutes before the procedure.

Exparel for Breast Augmentation

We have been using the long acting numbing medication, Exparel, for our tummy tucks (iTuck®) for roughly 2 years now with great success. Exparel is injected during surgery while the patient is under anesthesia and provides roughly 72 hours of pain relief following the procedure. We have expanded use of Exparel for breast augmentation as well. As always, a goal in our practice is to limit postoperative pain and recovery time following surgery.

ARTISS for Facelift

Artiss is a fibrin sealant which we are now using at the completion of facelift and neck lift procedures to minimize bruising and downtime. Dr. Kirn started using this product in fall 2013, and it has allowed transformation of the facelift procedure since. Drains are no longer utilized and we keep the patient in a chin support only on the night of surgery. Recent data from the medical literature suggest that use of fibrin sealants such as Artiss decrease the risk of hematoma (blood collections) which is the most common complication of facelift surgery. Artiss is sprayed into the space between the skin and muscle prior to sewing up the incisions normally. It acts like a glue to seal off the area and thus minimize bruising. Incision closure is unchanged and is performed mostly with buried dissolving sutures as always. Artiss is FDA approved for use in facelifts and more info is available at: http://www.artissadherence.com/us/

Injectable Incentives Program

Formerly known as “Carey’s Club,” this popular program with our nurse injectors will now include Carey Sanders RN and Shirley Ramsey DNP, APRN. The Program works like this: if you have a treatment of Botox®, Dysport®, or any of the dermal fillers and then have another treatment within 6 months you receive $100 off Botox® or Dysport® and $75 off any filler for the second treatment. This will be a continuing program with no planned expiration date. Carey has regular patient hours on Tuesday and Thursday. Shirley has regular patient hours on Fridays. Dr. Kirn continues to maintain his usual injection schedule on Monday and Wednesday. Our patients always have the choice of who treats them, and the availability of injectable treatments five days a week provides even more convenience for you.

Restylane Silk®

Restylane Silk® is the newest addition to the Restylane® & Perlane® product line. It is specifically designed for use in the lips. It may be used for lip augmentation as well as treatment of fine lines around the lips. Vertical lip lines, commonly called smoker's lines - even though they occur in both smokers and non-smokers - are effectively treated with Silk®. As with the other products in this line, Silk® contains a numbing medication to help minimize pain during treatment. Use of additional pain control methods is a standard at Kirn Plastic Surgery including use of our dermal chiller and topical or regional nerve blocks as needed. http://restylanesilk.com/

Mentor Shaped Implants

The MemoryShape™ implant from Mentor is now available. These highly cohesive shaped gel implants have special applications in breast surgery due to their ability to hold their shape and not wrinkle. Although they have been given the unfortunate nickname "gummy bear implants" they actually feel soft and natural. The availability of the MemoryShape™ implants further expand our options to treat difficult breast cases including certain breast augmentation procedures, revision of old implants, and reconstruction following mastectomy. More info at: http://www.mentorwwllc.com/global-us/